New Jimmy Choo glasses, Carrera eyewear offer and more!

At the mention of Jimmy Choo, you’ll no doubt imagine glamorous shoes that are the envy of all. But did you know Jimmy Choo has channelled all of that style and daring into eyewear too? Our new range of Jimmy Choo glasses are all about fashion, form and feeling fantastic at any age.

But it isn’t just the ladies who’ll be impressed with our new summer collections. We also recently got the latest Carrera glasses – dynamic, sporty frames for both men and women.

To get a taste for what you can expect from our Carrera and Jimmy Choo glasses frames, here’s a bit more on the inspiration behind these leading designer brands.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is famed for his shoewear and that’s where his story begins, as the son of a shoemaker in Malaysia. Graduating from the London School of Fashion, Jimmy took shoe design to a whole new level and was soon admired by the fashion industry and was the favourite shoemaker of celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Jimmy Choo eyewear captures this same vibrancy and creativity with this year’s range, including bold statement pieces, such as the bejewelled, crystal plexiglass Bee and Audrey sunglasses and the powdered glittered inlays and chevron detailing of the Donna frames. There is something for every age and in fact, a mother and daughter recently visited us and both left with Jimmy Choo eyewear!


Launched in the 1950s, Carrera takes its name from what was then the most dangerous rally race in the world, La Carrera Pan-American. That adrenaline-fuelled energy underlies the sporty, strong look of today’s Carrera frames. Carrera is famed for introducing Optyl to the eyewear industry. Harder wearing than acetate but also lighter and able to adapt to a wearer’s face, Optyl was a gamechanger. Such innovation continues to drive the functional yet stylish designs of Carrera eyewear.

Visit us in-store to view our Carrera range and if you’re one of the first 10 customers to purchase a pair of Carrera glasses, we’ll give you a free Carrera cap!

Whether it’s Jimmy Choo or Carrera that takes your fancy, come and see us at Orpington Eyecare or call your opticians in Orpington on 01689 820866, to browse through the collections and try on these amazing frames to find your summer look!